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Connect To Your Database


Your database is the source of the data we are going to use in our DataLynx journey. So the first step in using the system is connecting to the database. DataLynx BI connects to MSSQL (SQL Server), MySQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL.

DB Connection

connect to database remotely

Here DataLynx BI attempts to connect to your database remotely to get its tables and structure. You have to enter the following information:

1) Database Type: Can be MSSQL (SQL Server), MySQL, MariaDB, or PostgreSQL
2) Database Host: The host or IP address of your database
3) Database Name: The name of your database
4) Username: The authorized username
5) Password: The password for the picked username
6) Port: The connection port, this is optional depending on the database

The system uses "PDO" connection drivers as follows:

- PGSQL for PostgreSQL
- MYSQL for MySQL and MariaDB

About DataLynx BI

DataLynx BI is a Business Intelligence and Data Analytics SaaS. It connects to multiple databases to create a central data management solution. Claim your 14 days trial period