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Create Charts


For many people, the best way to represent data is by charting it. With DataLynx BI you can demonstrate your data in column, line, and area charts. You can also draw multiple datasets in a single chart.

There are two types of calculations, count rows and sum values, more on this later. Note that charts are extracted from Chart Tables created in the previous step. Each chart can have one x-axis and multiple series (datasets)

create charts from db tables

Chart Elements

- Chart Name: The name that will show on the top of the chart box
- Chart Table: The table from which the chart will extract the data
- X-Axis: The column from Chart Table that will be our chart x-axis
- Inervals: If you choose a date column for X-Axis you'll have the option to pick time intervals
- Date Format: If you choose "days" interval you can pick your desired format
- Minimum Date: The earliest date limit to show on the chart
- Maximum Date: The latest date limit to show on the chart
- Series (Datasets)

You can create multiple series in your chart, with two types:

- Count rows: Simple count of occurances (rows) for each of the X-Axis elements
- Sum Values: This will prompt selection of column values to sum. Only columns with "number" attribute will show

Chart Types

You can create a different type for each series, There are 3 chart types: Column, Area, and Line Charts

"Customize" button

These are extra options for customization: Theme (dark, light), palette, line stroke, stacking, enabling data labels, x-axis title, and y-axis title

"Re-Draw" button

This button re-draws the chart applying your latest changes

Deleting Series

When you delete a series the chart will automatically re-render removing the deleted series. You will need to hit "save" after each modification to save your changes

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