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Fetch Your Data


This is where we fetch the data from the DB tables and define those tables as data sources for further use.


fetch db data remotely

There are multiple important feature and functions in this page. Consider this the first step in the data management journey:

1) Edit Table Display Name: Change the name your table will have in the system, great for identifying tables with similar names apart
2) View Structure: Shows the structure of DB table. Shows columns and the primary key
3) Set / Remove as Data Source: This will set / remove table data sources. Which will in turn show hide table's data in the system
4) Fetch Data From Source: This will use the login info provided in the earlier stage to connect to your database and fetch this tables latest rows (data)
5) Edit DB Info: Edit Database login information and Display Name
6) Delete DB: This will delete the Database and all it data from your account

The system uses "PDO" connection drivers as follows:

- PGSQL for PostgreSQL
- MYSQL for MySQL and MariaDB

Table structure

The table structure is pulled the first time the connection is established.

Set as data source

Not all tables are needed here, so in order to avoid over-crowding the system, only the tables set as "data source" will be available in the next steps.

Fetch data from source

This button will fetch the latest data from source. Data fetches assume that the structure is maintained. If the structure is changed and you want to pull the new structure, then you'll have to create a new DB profile.

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