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After you have saved your Chart Tables and Charts, you'll find them under My Box section. This is considered your finished work. There you can control the sharing and embedding options. You can share your work with your co-workers or clients. DataLynx allows you to decide what to share, embed, and download.

share embed tables and charts

Activation / Deactivation

You can turn "on" and "off" either your share or embed options. When an option is turned off it will be deactivated and all the used links will be deactivated until it is turned back on.

Share, Embed Links

Under each option you'll find its relevant link. For the sharing option it is a url that you can share and ditribute via email, blogs, reports, .. etc. As for the embedding option it is an iframe. The iframe is optimized to the most popular use cases, however you can adjust its height and width according to your needs.

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